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The Realmsic Conquest Timeline

July 2016 Half Price Books Partnership

Demethius partners with Half Price Books and colleagues with the 4th Realm, to deliver a 3-part creative writing workshop to all ages interested in literature and publishing.

April 2016 Chapter One Podcast

Demethius launches Ch1 Podcast , where authors are invited to share and discuss their books. Episodes can be heard on iTunes, GooglePlay, SoundCloud, and Stitcher Radio.

Jan 2016 Texas Association of Authors

Demethius officially joins TxAuthors , an incredible organization that supports and nationally promotes writers living in the state of Texas.

Dec 2015 The Hero of Legend Wins Wattpad Award

Realmsic Book-One wins a 2015 Watty award for Best Visuals . The Wattys is the largest online writing competition which received 75,000 entries worldwide.

Nov 2015 The Icon of Earth

Book Two of the new Realmsic series is published on November 8th, 2015 - distributed in ebook, paperback, and hardback.

July 2015 The 4th Realm

Demethius began an association with the authors of the 4th Realm : Kris Kramer, Patrick Underhill, Alistair Mcintyre, Nick Wyckoff, and Jan Sikes. Together, they participate in various events throughout the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.

Jan 2015 Thought Fortress Creations

Demethius formally formed Thought Fortress Creations, a private company specializing in digital media and online publishing.

Sept 2014 DFW Writers Workshop

Demethius officially joined the DFWWW , a longstanding professional group comprised of many notable local and national authors.

Aug 2014 The Hero of Legend - 2nd Edition

After receiving positive reader-feedback, a 2nd edition of The Hero of Legend was published and fully distributed in paperback and ebook. This novel, which was slated as 'book one' of the new Realmsic series, also marked the discontinuation of the 1st edition and rhyming epic adventure.

Oct 2013 1st Ever Radio Appearance

Demethius speaks with Lisa and Nancy on the Happy Hour Variety Show. He discusses the Realmsic book series, the future of media technology, personal growth, and his book donation to the Virginia Wounded Warriors Program.

July 2013 The Hero of Legend - 1st Edition

The rhyming Realmsic book was converted into a literary novel called, The Hero of Legend. A limited number of copies were distributed to test whether readers would accept the non-rhyming format.

July 2010 Epic-Adventure

The Realmsic Conquest was first published as a fully-rhyming book, similar to classic epic stories such as Beowulf and Canterbury Tales.

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