The Ch1 Podcast Has Officially Launched!

April 11, 2016 demethius No comments

One of the best podcasts for writers and book lovers looking for goodreads. The greatest stories ever written all begin on the Ch1 Podcast! Each episode, our guest authors will share their first chapters with you.

Chapter One Podcast is one of the best podcasts to discovery new books to read, along with tips and tricks to better learn how to be a writer.

Our featured authors have written indie and best selling books, which can be found in traditional book stores, Amazon, Createspace, Goodreads, even Smashwords, Lulu, and Wattpad.

In addition to books, we also discuss grammar, writing tips, and the independent and traditional publishing industry on the Ch1Podcast.

Our audience grows stronger everyday because of great listeners like you! Please continue to help us spread the word by subscribing in iTunes and writing us a review. Oh! and tell your friends about the show. Our website is

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